A tucked flamingo at the Philadelphia Zoo.


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  1. barb says:

    Beautiful textures and color.

  2. Bob Crowe says:

    Very cool shot. The orange-green really vibrates.

    I’ll be in your town on business next week, out with my camera hunting for Toynbee Tiles in my spare time.

  3. Christian says:

    Awesome! What do you plan to see?

  4. Bob Crowe says:

    I have a professional conference at the Marriott on Market Street. When I have time I’ll just wander around street shooting. Do you know what Toynbee tiles are? They’re all over central Philly.

    I get in Monday night and leave Friday afternoon. If you see a tall, pale 62 year old wandering around with a lost expression and a Canon 5D Mk III around his neck it’s probably me.

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